Our Sensor Frames Make Beekeeping Better

Real-time bee hive monitoring sensors for hobbyists to professionals.

Breeze through setup

Install your Sensor Frame in just a few minutes. Simply plug in the solar panel, connect the gateway, and open the Digital Hive Journal app.

Monitor every activity in your hive. Connect multiple hives.

Gain valuable insight into the behaviour and welfare of your bees. Gain a comprehensive view of your apiaries, enabling efficient management of your beekeeping operations.

Cellular connection

Connect your hive with the internet anywhere

To ensure seamless connectivity, even for hives that are located in remote natural areas.

Solar powered

Free electricity from nature

Eliminating the need for external power sources and ensuring sustainable and uninterrupted hive monitoring.

Remote monitoring

Don't worry about incidents you can't mitigate

Keep an eye on your bees from anywhere, at any time. Whether from work or from the couch at home.

Real-time hive monitoring
with our Sensor Frames

Real-time hive monitoring benefits beekeepers and bees by providing up-to-the-minute information on hive temperature and behavior, allowing you to take timely action to prevent potential problems and ensure the health and productivity of your hives.


Take control of hive temperature with our sensor technology. Ensure optimal thermal conditions for your bees' well-being and honey production. Monitor hive temperature in real time and use data-driven insights to create a comfortable and thriving environment.

Disease and pest monitoring

Monitor the health of your hive in real time and receive instant alerts and data-driven insights to detect and manage potential threats. Protect your bees with precision and ensure a thriving, disease-free environment for their well-being and honey production.

Swarm detection and prevention

Don't let swarming catch you off guard - HiveReader keeps you informed and in control. Ensure the stability of your hive and detect swarming behavior early, receive instant notifications, and take proactive measures to prevent swarming.

Weather and environmental monitoring

With real-time data and insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to create the ideal environment for your buzzing friends and improve honey production. Experience the harmony of nature and technology.

Your Sensor Frames are connected with your Digital Hive Journal

Hardware and software working together as one.

Our hive monitoring sensor frames and app work together for healthier bees, higher honey yields and a more sustainable future. Real-time bee behavior data is analyzed in the app so you can make informed decisions and prevent problems. Track your observations and actions with the searchable digital journal.

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We are buzzing with innovation, providing beekeepers with hive-monitoring solutions and an app that offers real-time insights on bee behavior and hive metrics. With a focus on sustainability and bee welfare, HiveReader is creating a buzz for hobbyists to professionals.

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